Rethinking the way people buy homes

And where the home search takes place.

Who we are

A financial technology company with over 6 years of experience in building innovative tools to empower the next generation of homebuyers enter the real estate market.

After years of helping people relocate easily under the Navut brand, we're now ready to take on an even bigger feat — simplifying the homebuying journey — as NestReady

What we do

We believe homebuying should be a seamless, convenient and empowering experience. That's why we have built a platform that goes beyond just showing homes for sale. It covers all aspects of the homebuying journey and provides support for buyers every step of the way.

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How we do it

By partnering with the world's leading financial institutions and integrating our comprehensive homebuying dashboard onto their website, we ensure that our platform reaches those that need it the most — people already researching their mortgage options — while also providing our partner's clients with an unbeatable user experience.

Our Journey

November 2019
NestReady Investigates the Competitive Landscape of the Top 50 US Lenders
Launching it's fourth White Paper, NestReady analyzes the Top US lenders facing high-risk levels of lost revenues due to Zillow-like platforms.
October 2019
NestReady Creates Client Relations With Citadel Mortgages
NestReady welcomes Citadel Mortgages to its client base to further improve the end-to-end homebuying journey.
September 2019
NestReady Launches the Audience Overlap Tool
With the Audience Overlap Tool, NestReady is able to provide top insights on mortgage lenders homebuyer traffic loss to alternatives lenders like Zillow.
September 2019
NestReady Provides a White Paper On Website Traffic Lose By Top Lenders
NestReady identifies top mortgage lenders the US are losing online homebuyers to platforms like Zillow.
August 2019
NestReady Launches a White Paper For The Real Estate & Finance Industry
Launching its third White Paper, NestReady provides insight on digital advertising efforts of those in finance and real estate across the US.
August 2019
West Community/Tigers Community CU Becomes a Customer of NestReady
West Community/Tigers Community CU launches NestReady white-label platform onto their website.
July 2019
Research Project on Digital Marketing Tools and Credit Unions
NestReady launches an in-depth marketing technology research on the Top 1500 credit unions in the US.
May 2019
Research Project on Digital Marketing Tools and Mortgage Lenders
NestReady conducts in-depth marketing technology research on the top 500 mortgage lenders in the US.
April 2019
NestReady's Team Grows
NestReady welcomes Ivan Roubtsov as the Marketing Director, Alex VKO as the Engineering Manager and Claudia Dorman as the East Coast Sales Manager
March 2019
NestReady's Team Grows
Jatin Malhotra, Senior Data Scientist from American Express, joins the NestReady team.
March 2019
NestReady and Resource Financial Services Join Forces
Resource Financial Services selects NestReady to provide an integrated homebuying experience.
March 2019
CU Solutions Group Forms Strategic Partnership With NestReady
CUSG leverages its existing product suite and client base to coordinate marketing and sales of NestReady solutions.
November 2018
National Bank of Canada Becomes a Customer
NestReady welcomes the sixth largest commercial bank in Canada to the platform. Headquartered in Montreal, National Bank of Canada has 2.4 million clients and maintains branches in nearly every Canadian province.
July 2018
NestReady Finds Its Chief Technology Officer
Frederick Townes, former founding CTO of Mashable & Placester, joins NestReady.
June 2018
NestReady Grows VC Funding
With a new round of financing, NestReady grows VC funding to $5.7 million.
November 2017
NestReady and Meridian Join Forces
NestReady and Meridian partner to simplify the homebuying and mortgage experience.
August 2017
NestGrowth Launched
NestReady unveils NestGrowth, a realtor network to connect homebuyers on the NestReady platform with high-quality local professionals.
May 2017
First Bank of the Palm Beaches Joins NestReady
NestReady welcomes First Bank of the Palm Beaches as a customer.
March 2017
Market Validation
More than 350 decision makers of North American financial institutions confirmed that NestReady is the future of the homebuying and mortgage lending experience.

NestReady is Born

NestReady was born from the lessons of two previous ventures: Navut, an award-winning set of online tools that combined millions of local data points to help people moving to a new city discover neighborhoods that suit their needs; and Placester, the all-in-one marketing platform for real estate professionals. Both alumni of TechStars Boston, one of the most prestigious technology accelerators in the world, Navut and Placester have helped millions of consumers find their perfect home and location.
NestReady bridges the gaps between consumers, banks, and real estate professionals, enabling financial institutions to offer a personalized and seamless home search process. With NestReady, lenders can enhance their marketing, increase engagement and client loyalty, and achieve higher and faster conversions — all through their own digital environment.