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About Resource Financial Services
Resource Financial Services (RFS) is a local independently owned mortgage banker with a team of full-service mortgage bankers serving the Southeast of the United States of America from eight locations. RFS was named #227 on the 2012 Inc. magazine list of 500 fastest- growing privately held mortgage companies in the nation.
Resource Financial Services chose NestReady’s Homeowner’s Dashboard, aka NestEngage, to:

  • Understand their clients' needs and assess when they are more likely to refinance, get a HELOC, buy or sell their property

  • Ensure their brand stays top of mind for any homeownership/homebuying need while increasing engagement and gathering valuable customer data through the homeownership process

  • Help homeowners make the best decisions about their properties, while empowering their clients with a personalized property profile, a superior user experience, and the actionable insights they need the most
  • Challenges
  • The Resource Financial Services team does not have the resources in- house to regularly follow up with all current clients in order to make sure they stay top of mind for a next transaction

  • The lender did not have any solution in place able to understand their clients’ needs and track their behavior so that they could nurture and engage with them in a meaningful and personalized way
  • Solution
    To solve Resource Financial Services’ main challenges, they partnered with NestReady to offer NestEngage to all of their clients. NestEngage supports mortgage clients and prospects by providing them with valuable financial guidance and insight related to their property and real estate goals, whether the next step is to monitor their existing property or to identify when is the right time to renovate, refinance, sell, or buy their next home.

    As highlighted by CU Times “Automatically and accurately identifying a subset of the total population will allow for efficient and targeted messaging to potential borrowers. Leveraging data to target the right audience not only reduces the manual effort required to find these members (clients), it also allows for control over the advertisement noise members receive.”

    By providing homeowners with access to their personalized property profile and monthly updates about the real estate market around their investment, Resource Financial Services not only ensures that their clients are receiving great support throughout their homeownership, but that they also stay top of mind as the most suitable choice for a refinance or new mortgage.
    Early Results*
    • organic-traffic

      20% More Engagement

      20% of NestEngage targeted users engaged with the lender through CTAs in their home dashboard and visited the lender’s website to learn more about the services available keeping Resource Financial Services top of mind for future financial needs.
    • audience-quality

      15% of Homeowners Became Refinance Leads

      15% of NestEngage users informed being interested in lowering their monthly payments by refinancing their mortgage.
    • brand-engagement

      10% of Homeowners Became HELOC Leads

      10% of NestEngage users informed being interested in renovating their current property by acquiring a HELOC.
    • audience-quality

      7% of Homeowners Became Purchase Leads

      7% of NestEngage users informed being interested in buying a new property and getting a new loan.
    About NestReady
    NestReady bridges the gap between home discovery and financing to connect lenders, homebuyers, and real estate agents through the entire home purchase process via a stack of white-label solutions and predictive analytics models. NestReady’s plug-and-play Total Homeownership Experience integrates real estate and mortgage, seamlessly into the lender’s ecosystem boosting brand awareness, generating highly qualified leads, increasing conversions, and portfolio retention.

    NestReady’s machine learning and AI-powered technologies provide actionable insights and automation that enable lenders to act precisely when a consumer is ready to make their homebuying decisions.

    *early results after 1 month of launching the service

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