How NestReady increases mortgage lender homebuyer traffic up to 7x

Adding Value Beyond the Mortgage Application
Resource Financial Services, Inc. is an independently owned mortgage banker, serving the southeastern United States from nine convenient locations in South Carolina, North Carolina, and Florida. Resource Financial Services was founded in 2008 by a handful of experienced mortgage bankers who wanted to make it easier to get a home loan.
Resource Financial Services chose to implement NestReady’s stack of white-label real estate platforms as part of its efforts to boost the company’s digital presence and strengthen its brand imageas the destination for every homebuying need. The strategy aims to generate customer engagement and drive client loyalty as early as possible in the homebuying journey, to acquire the actionable insights that result in reduced customer acquisition costs and increased conversion rates.

Like other medium-sized financial institutions, Resource Financial Services faces a highly competitive online environment where thousands of mortgage lenders compete in the same niche across the United States.

With keywords like Loans and Mortgage being respectively the second and third most expensive keywords in Google Adwords, digital advertising options become cost-ineffective for mid-size lenders. Content creation is another highly competitive and time-consuming strategy requiring the right resources during a long period of time.

Associating the lender’s brand to NestReady’s real estate platforms which have high domain authority and are rapidly indexed by Google.
“Our partnership with NestReady stemmed from our need to enhance our digital user experience, and we are now able to provide a single platform that streamlines all the difficult parts of the homebuying process. We are excited about the partnership and believe the technology and concept behind what NestReady is offering will change the home purchasing process for the better.”
A. Wade Douroux - CEO, Resource Financial Services
Results observed after only 3 months offering the NestFinder platform to homebuyers
  • organic-traffic

    Organic Traffic

    On average, organic traffic to Resource Financial Services’ website grew by 78% per month.

    For every homebuyer the lenders refer to the NestReady platform, NestReady attracts seven from organic traffic.

  • audience-quality

    Audience Quality

    More than 50% of visitors are actively searching for “residential properties for sale”, “preowned houses for sale”, and or “real estate in general”.

  • brand-engagement

    Brand Engagement

    Homebuyers spend 3X more time on the lender’s NestFinder platform and view twice the number of pages.

After just three months, NestReady was able to increase organic search engine traffic by 7X for Resource Financial. That resulted in 11X ROI!

NestReady bridges the gap between home discovery and financing to connect lenders, homebuyers and real estate agents through the entire home purchase process via a stack of white-label solutions and predictive analytics models. Its plug-and-play total homeownership experience integrates real estate and mortgage seamlessly bringing together every step of the buying journey onto a lender’s ecosystem to boost brand awareness, generate highly qualified leads, increase conversions and grow portfolio retention.

NestReady’s machine learning and AI-powered technologies provide actionable insights and automation that enable lenders to act precisely when a consumer is ready to make their homebuying decisions.

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