Meet the people behind NestReady

Who we are

  • A-Players

    We only hire the best people and value integrity and a strong desire for growth and learning.

  • Driven & Passionate

    We give our best effort, always keep a positive attitude, and go the distance to get things done.

  • Dedicated

    We set high expectations for ourselves and we live up to those commitments. We take great pride in what we do.

How we work

  • Agile

    We do things well today instead of better next week. We strive to work smarter, not harder.

  • Open

    We communicate clearly and often, share our feedback, and learn from our failures. There is no room for big egos.

  • Fun

    We celebrate our win and always take time to play, create and relax.

What we build


We always do the right thing and commit to exceed our clients and user's expectations.

Management Team

  • img
    Chief Executive Officer
  • img
    Chief Revenue Officer
  • img
    CTO and Co-Founder
  • Mirelas-Headshot
    Customer Success Manager
  • Sloans-Headshot
    Home Search Assistant and Office Manager
  • Alexs-Headshot
    Engineering Manager
  • Deborahs-Headshot
    Senior Back-End Engineer
  • Felipes-Headshot
    Senior Back-End Engineer
  • Gabriels-Headshot
    Senior Front-End Engineer
  • Jatins-Headshot-1
    Data Scientist
  • Mays-Headshot
    Senior UX/UI Designer
  • Natashas-Headshot
    Quality Assurance Engineer
  • Ivans-Headshot
    Director of Marketing
  • Alexandrias-Headshot
    Marketing Specialist
  • Theos-Headshot-1
    Financial Analyst
  • Lolas-Headshot
    Joy and Smiles

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Advisory Team

  • jeff-xiong
    Jeff Xiong
    Former CTO of Tencent (world's fourth-largest internet company by revenue) and Managing Partner at 7Seas Partners
  • barry-turkanis
    Barry Turkanis
    Former Head of Goldman Sach's Mortgage Sales and Trading Division , Managing Director of NXT Ventures
  • sergio-escobar
    Sergio Escobar
    Managing Director at Founder Institute Montreal , TechStars mentor, investor and tech entrepreneur
  • peter-aceto
    Peter Aceto
    Former CEO of Tangerine (former ING Direct) and author of Weology
  • matt-barba
    Matt Barba
    CEO of Placester — the 4th largest real estate service provider company
  • alexander-coon
    Alexander Coon
    Former Redfin Executive Director , launched and grew the market to over 80 agents and $2B in sales volume
  • joe-poulin
    Joe Poulin
    Founder & CEO of Luxury Retreats — 200+ employees, angel investor and startup advisor, marketplace expert
  • raymond-chang
    Raymond Chang
    Founder of GigaMedia (NASDAQ: GIGM) , Luckypai , and New Focus Auto . Adjunct Professor at the Yale School of Management and at Babson College . Managing Director of NXT Ventures .
  • Jim Blatt
    Jim Blatt
    Former VP of CRM Solutions at Ellie Mae and Founder of Mortgage Returns
  • Anthony Rjeily
    Anthony Rjeily
    Partner Creator of the Everyday Banking Concept

Institutional Investors

  • techstars
  • fivehstartups
  • stage1ventures
  • bdc
  • sevenseaspartners
  • nxtventures